The Rev. Travis Enright

The Rev. Travis Enright

Friday, February 8, 2019 - Sunday, February 10, 2019 7:30 pm - 10:30 am

Christ Church

3602 8 Street SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2T 3A7, Canada


Listen to a recording of the public lecture on February 8, 2019 here (1:33)

The Wisdom Centre and Christ Church look forward to welcoming The Rev. Travis Enright for a three-day event on Reconciliation and Worldview February 8 – 10, 2019.   Travis comes to us from the Anglican Diocese of Edmonton where he serves both as archdeacon for Indigenous ministry and rector of St. Faith’s Anglican Church.

Friday, February 8th at 7:30 pm at St. Laurence (5940 Lakeview Drive SW)

An Invitation to Common Ground

Sharing Together!  Healing Together!  Walking Together!

The true journey to Reconciliation and Restoration

is not traveled by “others”, of whom we are merely observers.

We must all travel that journey together.

Travis will offer perspectives on two World Views, the Western Christian world view, and the Cree (Indigenous) world view.  He will explore these world views in the contexts of space, time, family, and life.  He will also outline a convergence of the two world views that will help the church and society journey together.

Travis will also discuss “social cohesion” through the lens of the Cree understanding of authentic being, in relation to oneself, to one’s community, and to the land on which one lives.  This is achieved through kiskinowasihta, which translates as “listening carefully”—not just with your ears, but from that deep centre of one’s heart, mind and soul—so that you are transformed by what you have heard.

Saturday, February 9th 9:30-3:30, he will lead a workshop at Christ Church.

The workshop is a lesson in this converged social cohesion.  We are creatures in search of a “thou.”  We struggle with questions of identity, and with the very modern challenges to that identity.  Travis believes we have three basic challenges in the ongoing struggle with what he calls Freedom and Grace:

1)  The struggle with oneself;

2)  The struggle with the other;

3)  The struggle with the land.

The solution lies in finding symmetry with the Language, Lodge and Land which were given to us as gift by the Creator.

Sunday he will preach at the 10:30 am service at Christ Church.

Online registration is now closed. Tickets are available for cash at the door for Friday night.

Friday only: $20 at the door.


Download a poster here.


Travis Enright is a member of the James Smith Cree Nation in Saskatchewan.  He is of Cree and Irish background:  his mother, and other members of the family, went to the Gordon’s Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan; his father came from Ireland to Canada as a boy, and moved to a Catholic orphanage after his mother died.

Travis works out of St. Faith Anglican Church, located in a poor inner city neighbourhood in Edmonton.  It is a parish with a diverse community of people, with varying degrees of Christian upbringing.  Since becoming an Anglican priest in 2007, Travis has been involved in social justice for vulnerable populations.  He has been an advocate, both as Co-Chair of the local planning team for the Edmonton Event of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and as Chair of the City of Edmonton’s Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee.  He has had extensive educational experience, both in the western academic tradition, and in the tradition of Cree spirituality.


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